Outdoor Living

Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Beautifully designed and crafted outdoor living spaces are made just for you by Atlanta Curb Appeal. Enjoy a outdoor living space like it was meant to be. Atlanta Curb Appeal makes it a top priority to design every area of your space to be enjoyable and usable. How many times have you longed for a new patio for your summer cookouts or wish that you could enjoy a nice crisp fall evening under the stars on your new deck. Or maybe you have seen one of those beautiful outdoor kitchens on Food Network and realized how awesome that would be to have one in your own backyard! Whatever your outdoor dreams are, we can help. With all the advances in technology it’s easy to forget we have a deep internal human need to connect to nature. And having a great outdoor living space can do just that.

Atlanta Curb Appeal will help assist you by taking your vision and making it into a reality. Avi & Andy will inspire and guide you to the outdoor living space your heart so desires. Avi is a trained architect which allows him plan with wisdom, yet he is also an artist and this allows him to insert artistic beauty into your outdoor living space.